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February is our favorite month hehe, we are super happy to start this 5th #28trickslater ! We're all going to get motivated and tear each other apart for this month of February 2021! It will be a good way to get away from reality and push your limits!
We are currently at 61.2k posts on the #!!!! We are super excited to get closer to the 100k mark this year thanks to all of your hard work!

This month is a challenge, the time to test your determination! It's an opportunity to take a moment every day to push your limits, and #celebrateeverylevelup.

Sweets Kendamas France 28 tricks later #28trickslater sweet kendama fr
#28trickslater is an idea that came from our pro player: Christian Fraser in 2017. Here are some words from him:
#28trickslater was an idea that came to me, inspired by two things:
- My personal struggle to successfully use only one Kendama for a long enough period!
- Push my limits and motivate the entire Kendama Community to progress!
This challenge is 100% progress on your personal skills and satisfaction!
Each clip should be something you've never done before, either a new trick, or just an improvement on a trick you were already doing! I'm really happy that this idea has grown so much and we're already in the 4th year!
Remember: this challenge is your challenge! Have fun, have a good time, arm yourself with your determination, your best kendama, and make way for CHALLENGE #28TRICKSLATER !!!! Good luck!"

Here are the rules:

1.) If you can start February 1st with a brand new Kendama! The game is to keep one and the same Kendama for the whole month of February! It's good to see all the work you've put in in a month!

2.) The goal is to post a new trick on your instagram profile with the hashtag #28trickslater every day during the month of February!

3.) THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION! It's a challenge that the Sweets Family throws at you! We believe that everyone who does Kendama wants to improve and share it with the community! Instagram is the perfect tool for this and the #28trickslater brings us together!

4.) It's hard to do this every day, so do your best! If you miss a day that's okay, pick up where you left off and just try to do as many days as you can! If you're stuck and you don't have any ideas for new tricks, check out our Youtube tutorials or just watch Kendamas videos on Youtube, Instagram or other to give you inspiration!

5.) We'll be sharing our favorite clips this month! So don't forget the #28trickslater, tag us @sweetskendamasfr and #sweetskendamasfr, and good luck, ENJOY!!!


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