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The new signature Kendama Juiccy Jokerr is coming!

Kendama Sweets Juiccy Jokerr Signature france kendamas fr sweet bilboquet snowboard

You're not ready for that new signature Kendama madness!! The latter is the first with a guaranteed balanced weight!!

It is therefore with pleasure that we offer you this new signature kendama of the Snowboarder Pro Juiccy Jokerr!! Its design is incredible and unusual!!

The Sweets Mob team is always present to demonstrate that Kendama has the power to connect divergent worlds and disciplines...

For a few years now, Juiccy has been slaying kendama thoroughly and it's rocking!!

So go ahead and support him by buying his signature Kendama!

This signature Kendama is full maple on the Ken and has a cherry wood Tama. His balance is guaranteed, get ready to put a lot of tricks!!

The design of this Mod is beautiful with lots of little details! We find the famous Joker in the small cup! But also a "make your own luck" written on the big cup!

We are super happy to present you this signature model of Juiccy Jokerr which is incredible! So go for it, go support mate Garrett, Pro Snowboarder, you can see the promo video for the mode below:

Every Juiccy Jokerr mod sold earns Garrett a percentage to support his projects!

Mod available right here:

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