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These Kendamas have delighted more than one player! The new Sweets Kendamas Radar mods are here, back, this time with a new design and the BOOST Shape !

Sweets Kendamas BOOST RADAR

A really amazing Kendama for its low price (€24.99!) ! Until now the Kendamas under 40€ were all in Prime Shape (former shape of Sweets Kendamas)! It is therefore the first Kendama with such a well imagined shape that comes out at such a low price ! Incredibly unbeatable!

A pack of stickers intended for beginners will help you identify the different parts of the Ken to make your first combos! We show you how to use them in the video!

There is a poster to compose with part of the poster in each Kendama! You will need all the collected ones to have the entire poster!

Ken in beech wood , Oversized Tama in beech wood, Balance Hole and available in 6 different colors , there is something for everyone!

In terms of design, they have taken a bit of the same thing: One color all over the tama (available in 6 different colors!), with tracking around the hole, even more optimized than the old one, with a bevel in black and white which facilitates the spikes! The tama is Over sized (bigger) to fit the BOOST Shape!

Basically, a really versatile Kendama, offering more than optimized playability, both for Pros and beginners, and that for a really given price! Grab yours! €24.99 !

+ A good test by @pj_martini_reno !

Mods available right here:

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