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If you are a Kendama player , you must have heard of the NAKO 2020 (North American Kendama Open) one of the biggest Kendama contests in the world! Organized by Sweets Kendamas , with support from other kendamas brands.

Each year , all Kendama players look forward to this not-to-be-missed event, featuring video premieres , announcements , and the Kendama contest ! All this with an international family of Kendama players from all over the world! MAX LEVEL FUN!

This year, due to the current situation, the NAKO 2020 took place online ! Participants on the ZOOM platform, closely followed by Sweets Kendamas live on twitch with Matt Sweets himself!

These SWAG BAGS are designed for each participant of the contest . In order to keep a memory of this event!

This year we were lucky enough to get our hands on some remaining Swag Bags ! We are super happy to offer you this VIP Pack , ultra exclusive, produced only once and originally intended for participants, then you can get your hands on this dream collector's pack !

Sweets Kendamas France Swag Bag NAKO 2020 Kendama sweet
Sweets Kendamas France Swag Bag NAKO 2020 Kendama sweet


x1 Kendama Sweets #NAKO2020 exclusive edition

x1 Swag bag, ideal shoulder bag for the Kendama session

x1 Pair of KEN-DAMA slippers

x1 Dama Claw #NAKO2020 exclusive

x1 Bandana #NAKO2020

+ sticker pack!

Sweets Kendamas France Swag Bag NAKO 2020 Kendama sweet

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