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New POV edit video with our Pro player Alexis Gras ! 2 sessions of 1 hour, in chill mode, no need for more! GoPro on the head and go!
Alex shows you his routine with his Zack Galagher pro Mod ! Ultra tech and consistent, we can't wait to work on bigger projects/videos with him!
Hot Juggle, string trick, Light House, down spike! Smooth & style as we like!
More soon!
New POV Edit with our Sweets FR pro Alexis Gras! Slaying his Zack Galagher pro mod for an hour during 2 seshs! Short sessions, Gopro on the head, that's all he needs!
Alex shows you his daily tricks: tech, style & consistency, this man will make you love Kendama even more! Master Juggle, String tricks, Light House, Downspikes and more!! We can't wait to work on a real video part with him!
More soon! Show him some love!!
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