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The Downspike is a basic trick , but ultra classy , ​​and which will open the door for many other tricks ! 

Impossible to skip this one! Any Kendama player wants to master it, we were all impressed the first time we saw one!

In French "Down Spike" means " spike down ", and it's a trick that will take you into the dimension of Down Spike and be careful you will impress more than one with this gesture and its thousands of possibilities ! 

First of all you need to know what Sara Grip is!

For that go check our tutorial "How to hold your kendama" : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7IMO3X-5j0

It's a trick that may seem quite technical at first, but that won't hold any secrets for you after you've worked on it a bit! 

Here PJ Martini ( https://www.instagram.com/pj_martini_reno/ ) who guides you, to help you master this trick in no time! 

This trick is accessible quite quickly. All you need is a little motivation and desire, and it will be a piece of cake! 

Next tutorial very soon! 

------- And more at https://www.sweetskendamasfr.com/! ------- 

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