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You've asked for it again and again, finally here's a new tutorial today! And not just any! We show you here how to learn or master the: Whirl Wind !

The whirlwind is one of the most used tricks in Kendama . Once you know how to do it, it will open the door for many more tricks!

This trick is the mix between the earthturn ( https://youtu.be/cDFXkfmPpO8 ) and the ken flip ( https://youtu.be/gt3py4mgn7U )! It is therefore necessary in the first place, to work well on these two tricks!

Do not panic, the WhirlWind is a fairly complex trick, but which will become a classic for you if you repeat it a little!

This time it's PJ Martini who guides you, to help you master this trick in no time!

This trick is accessible quite quickly. You just need to know how to do a Ken flip and an Earthturn , arm yourself with your patience, and listen carefully to the advice while observing the movement carefully to record it!

Little gift advice: You have to get to a point where you no longer pay attention to the Ken, but only to the spinning tama. The gesture of the Ken flip becomes a reflex and you can concentrate only on the tama which goes up, turns and returns on the spike.

You will finally be able to see this trick that you see in all the pro videos. Next tutorial very soon!

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