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They left in less than 24 hours, the last Sweets Kendamas Custom V24 hand painted in the Sweets Lab in the US!
We still filmed this unboxing for you, to show you the mods and make you drool a little anyway haha!
Sweets Kendamas France Custom V24 Donuts
Sweets Kendamas France Watermelon Watermelon V24
Sweets Kendamas France Pizza V24
In SUMMER VIBES mode, we show you the new Custom V24 mods, released by Sweets Paints Lab in the US! These models in Boost Shape and Cushion clear paint are ultra optimized, and a big touch of freshness for the summer with this season's favorites, you will recognize yourself in at least one of these three mods: So? Rather Watermelon? Donuts? Or Pizza?
With a really classy design, these models based on SUMMER FOOD will delight you! The CUSHION (MAT paint, therefore not shiny) provides different sensations from the STICKY, and offers a different grip but just as optimal!
+ A quick test by @pj_martini_reno ( https://www.instagram.com/pj_martini_reno/ )!
Mod available right here: https://www.sweetskendamasfr.com/shop
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