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We received the new Sweets Kendamas Custom V26 last week, and we rushed to make a test video with our friend Alexis Gras! Little test video with the Custom V26 Fresh 90'S!

Ultra hot Alex, we had to make you this long version to show you everything he did! It's nice!!

Night sesh with a super smooth style, we'll let you love this video! This is the first time we've made a night video, let us know what you think !

Here Alex shows you that this Kendama V26 FRESH 90'S is really cool to play! With a crazy design , very flashy and tracking with a 50/50 paiting , in CUSHION CLEAR & BOOST shape !

These Kendamas Custom V are limited edition ! So if you want to get it, hurry up !



New Sweets Kendamas Custom V26 just arrived last week! And we were too excited, that we did this short video to test one of them for you guys!

Here our Pro Team member Alexis Gras testing the V26 Fresh 90's ! Night sesh & super smooth style, enjoy this video and see how these V26 mods are cool to play!

Let us know in the comment if you like this kind of videos!

Every Kendamas of the Custom V collection are LIMITED KENDAMAS ! So, if you want one, be quick!


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