Sweets Kendamas - Coop Strap (Kendama Gate)

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The Coop Straps finally available at Sweets Kendamas France!

Cooper Eddy started designing his own Kendama Strap a few years ago! Since then he has been working on it to create the perfect Kendama door ! Until now, these Coop straps were only available through Cooper ! We are very happy to present to you today the result of Coop 's work with our Factory , to present the COOP STRAP FINAL !

Message from Co-op:

"There has been a lot of trying and a lot of error, but my Straps are finally operational and mass produced for the whole world! You can now get the most stylish Kendamas Doors ever: the COOP STRAP! I'm super excited to the idea of ​​seeing people with their coop straps! THANKS TO ALL!"

Designed By Coop



The official Coop Strap now available for the masses!

Cooper Eddy started designing his own kendama holsters a while back to create the perfect dama carrying solution. Until now they have all been hand made by Coop. We are excited to have connected Cooper with our factory to create these amazing holsters from his design

Available in Black or White

A message from Coop:
“There's been a lot of trial and error, but my straps are finally being mass produced for the world! You can now get your hands on the most stylish kendama holder ever. I'm so excited to see everyone wearing theirs! Thank you all! 🙏🏼”

Designed By Coop  



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