Sweets Kendamas DAMA CLAW (Wall Clip) x10 PROMO Pack

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Pack of 10 dama claw BLACK or WHITE or MIXED at a reduced price!

We've been looking for the perfect way to display our Kendamas collection for years . The boxes are nice but it can only keep a few Kendamas and it's a bit messy! Shelves are also cool but they can be expensive or hard/long to install, and you need space!

We needed something that is easy to put up and that adapts to any space ! And of course, something that is presentationally cool !

We imagined the DAMA CLAW !

Perfect for your home , for your office , or even in your car and more! There's always room on your walls! Decorate them with your kendamas !

Dama Claws can be used in 2 different ways (2 ways) depending on your style!

For installation, included in the packaging: a double-sided adhesive to stick it, you can also nail them to the wall to make it more permanent. (Nails in the packaging)

Included in the DAMA CLAW packaging:

  • 1 Custom Printed Dama Claw
  • Dama Claw wall plate
  • 3 nails
  • Double-sided adhesive