Sweets Kendama - Rolling Pin (Kendama Pills)

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Rolling Pin by Sweets Kendamas:

(English Bellow)

The Rolling Pin is a real Skill Toy , invented by Sweets Kendamas ! Our good Joe created the first prototype several years ago! Today we present to you the final model and really cool to play ! The Rolling Pin now has Rubber paint around the top spike and below the string to optimize stall tricks and tracking ! The hole has also been enlarged to spike more easily !

The Rolling Pin represents an infinity of tricks , of possibilities! Lots of tricks are yet to be discovered! So TRY THIS , and show what you can do!



The Rolling Pin is a skill toy that was invented right here at Sweets Kendamas. Our very own Uptown Joe created the very first prototype over 3 years ago. Today we bring you the most updated and playable version to date. The rolling Pin now features rubber painted areas around the top spike, and above the string bevel for ultimate stalling and tracking possibilities, we also widened the bevel so spiking is that much easier.

The Rolling Pin can be played so many ways that tricks are still being invented. Try one out today and see what crazy tricks you can come up with.

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