Kendama Sweets - Nick Gallagher G-SHAPE Pro Model

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Kendama Sweets - Nick Gallagher G SHAPE Pro Model:

* When Nick, Zack & Paulsen were working on our new shape, there were so many ideas. One of the first designs we ran into production for testing were actual GUNSLINGERS cheat codes. For some reason, this shape was set aside for the team, and the new AMPED SHAPE shape was chosen. After the success of our new AMPED SHAPE, we are really happy to offer you today this famous G SHAPE, aka the gunslinger machine!!!

NEW SHAPE: AMPED! After the BOOST Shape in 2019, we are proud to present our new shape to you today! The shape basically is the shape of the Kendama! And to recap the AMPED Shape in rapid it's: bigger CUPS, thinner edges for STALLS, a bigger ken for JUGGLE & KEN FLIPS, a wider hole to facilitate SPIKES & moooooore! HAVE FUN!*


To inaugurate this new AMPED SHAPE, the return of one of the most iconic mods: Nick Gallagher's model V2 finally available and in AMPED SHAPE at Sweets Kendamas France ! Zack is one of the best players in the world! Style, consistency and bangers sum it up nicely!

Ultra-balanced and so stylish maple wood models! Now in AMPED shape!

Are you still hesitating?

Find the characteristics of these models in the description below.

Delivered in its special packaging with instructions, string + spare pearl, exclusive stickers + player card.

Technical characteristics:

    • Ken
      • G-Shape
      • Maple w/ purpleheart core in sarado
      • Balance Bevel in base cup
      • Engravings
        • logo
        • Ginkgo leaves around big cup
        • Kanda University logo under small cup
    • TAMA
      • 62mm
      • Beech
      • Sticky Clear or Cushion Clear
      • INCLUDED
        • Metal Spinner Bead
        • Replacement String
        • Nick Mod Stickers


      We are proud to present the new AMPED Shape! We pushed the game even further! Similar to the Boost Shape, with wider, deeper cups, wider cup rims for easier stalling, and an improved stall handle! The ken is more balanced with a scale that favors the lunar. The AMPED SHAPE Ken is bigger, so great for flips, juggles & taps/instas!
      AMPED tamas are also slightly wider for easier playing!

      Engraved on the small cup, the Flash Code optimizes tracking and allows you to access hidden content hehe!
      Use your phone's camera to start scanning!

      Each sale earns Zack a percentage to support his projects.


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