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Mystery BOX by Sweets - CRAZY

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Mystery BOX by Sweets - CRAZY

We are super happy to introduce you to our Sweets Mystery Boxes !

With the CRAZY BOX , save €100 with this crazy box containing 4 to 6 kendamas & accessories! It will make people happy!!!


So if you are looking for a gift , or want to refresh your collection at a low price, let us surprise you with our surprise Sweets Mystery BOXS ! We have concocted 4 different boxes , which represents hundreds of possibilities! Get quality Kendamas at a discount !

The CRAZY Box worth 250€ with:

- 4 to 6 Kendamas (Signature/Pro mod/Custom by Sweets paint lab/Boost radars)*

- Accessories (Strings/Pack of strings/Dama claw/coop strap/Sweets Stall Spray)*

*The boxes do not contain all the products mentioned here. This is a list of the products you are likely to receive, but all combinations are possible with the products listed here.