Kendama Sweets C. Fraser Legend Model "SAPHIRE"

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Kendama Sweets C. Fraser Legend Model "SAPHIRE"

Christian Fraser 's Decade Mod , BACK, and in SAPHIRE version at Sweets Kendamas France !

The BATCH ONE was a real success! This Kendama is one of the most optimized on the market, offering NEXT LEVEL playability! More than advanced technical characteristics!

Here he is back , in his new SAPHIRE design , imagined by Fraser himself! We start again with characteristics identical to BATCH 1, which offer more than optimized playability , with an incredible new design ! Changed cherry wood with ash wood so the blue pops out better! From the packaging to the design of the Kendama, this is a collector's item!

" 10 years of play that comes to fruition in a perfect design that allows players to push the limits of Kendama. Using 5 different woods , carefully selected , this model optimized by the qualities that each wood has to offer. Maple for the stability with its smooth side, beech for softness. Wengé wood to put weight where it is needed, and conversely Walnut and Cherry remove weight. This Kendama is designed for you, to allow you to move to the Next Level of play. Enjoy!" - by Christian Fraser

Technical characteristics:

A brand new shape with a crazy design:

  • Prime Clear
  • Tama in hazel, ash, a line of wenge wood in the center and beech at the level of the bevel
  • Neck with a line of wenge wood in the center of the cups, as well as beech and maple
  • Maple sword to ensure good durability
  • Balance Hole basecup

Batch One "SAPHIRE"

Delivered with its new craft packaging with a sheet of stickers, a string and its spare bearing.

Sweets Kendamas France Fraser Legend mod batch one 1 sapphire bilboquet