Kendama Sweets - Franky Morales Signature Mod (ROLLER)

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Kendama Sweets - Franky Morales Signature Mod:

Available in STICKY & CUSHION! CUSHION version ( MAT paint therefore not shiny ) exclusively at Sweets Kendamas France ! Painted in the USA in the Sweets Paint Lab !

Franky Morales is a Roller Pro Rider! He is a legend in the riding world , he is known all over the world! But not only that, he also initiated a lot of riders at the time by releasing a part of roller skating where he was doing Kendama ! And at Sweets, we love it! We are really happy to have him in the Sweets Mob Squad !

And proud to present his signature Kendama in Miami vibe mode, Vice City for connoisseurs! Really classy with very funky colors, this Kendama with a really cool tracking, bevel black & logo on the top of the tama! There's even pink for tracking your Ken for multiple flips!

Let's go! Support the legend of Roller Skating, Mr Franky Morales !

Technical characteristics / Features:


You've been asking for it for years, we're super happy to announce that the Weight Match Guarantee is here! This means that all Kendamas with this guarantee will not have more than 7g difference between the Ken and the Tama! We can't promise exact weights, but we can ensure that all Kendamas we sell are balanced and more optimized than ever!

The Decade Mod was the first Sweets Kendama to introduce a new shape in recent years. That's why we are proud to present the new BOOST Shape! Similar to the PRIME Shape, with wider, deeper cups. The ken is more balanced with a scale that favors the lunar. Unlike the DECADE kens, the BOOST kens are made with a solid piece of maple.
The BOOST tamas are also slightly wider for easier playing!