Kendama Sweets - Parker Johnson V2 Pro Model

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NEW Sweets Kendamas Parker Johnson V2 Pro Mod:

To start the year 2022 well, the return of the famous Parker Johnson with the V2 of his mod!! It's one of our best-selling models in 2021, you loved it so here it is back in the game!

A design similar to the V1, with white instead of black! With this really classy color mix!

Ultra optimized in BOOST shape with a Lunar balance hole to optimize your Lunars! Tama in cherry wood. With a Ken in maple wood , but a small particularity, the top of the sarado in beech wood to optimize the stalls !!! Ready to slay ! Both simple and colorful , this Kendama is really classy!

Go for it!!

Technical Specifications/Features:

  • Parker Johnson Ken
    • BOOST Shape
    • Maple Spike
    • Maple & Beech Sarado (Maple & beech wood)
    • Balance Bevel
    • Custom engravings on ken
      • PKRipper tire tread on both side of spike
      • Paint splatter in small cup
    • Pro-seal
  • BOOST Tama
    • Cherry (Cherry wood)
    • Sticky Clear, Cushion Clear
    • Design inspired by elements of a camera lens
    • White tracking around the bevel
  • Metal Spinner Bead
  • SixFinger String
  • PK Mod sticker pack


    A percentage of each sale goes directly to Parker.

    Follow Parker at


    You've been asking for it for years, we're super happy to announce that the Weight Match Guarantee is here! This means that all Kendamas with this guarantee will not have more than 7g difference between the Ken and the Tama! We can't promise exact weights, but we can ensure that all Kendamas we sell are balanced and more optimized than ever!

    The Decade Mod was the first Sweets Kendama to introduce a new shape in recent years. That's why we are proud to present the new BOOST Shape! Similar to the PRIME Shape, with wider, deeper cups. The ken is more balanced with a scale that favors the lunar. Unlike the DECADE kens, the BOOST kens are made with a solid piece of maple.
    The BOOST tamas are also slightly wider for easier playing!