Kendama Sweets - Signature Reed Stark Sea Safari "CUSHION"

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New CUSHION version (MAT paint therefore not shiny) exclusively at Sweets Kendamas France! By Sweets Paint Lab!

"Kendama Connects Worlds"

Reed Stark has brought together so many people around Kendama ( BMX riders, Skaters, Singers & more ) . Reed is a BMX PRO , he rides for BSD, and has his own brand of clothing: Safari State brand! He tears up everything in his life, both on the bike and on the side!

It is an honor to present to you today the 3rd Signature Mod from Reed: The Sea Safari !

Want to support Reed Stark , one of the most original BMX riders on the planet and the best known Kendama ambassador in the world of riding? The Sea Safari mod is for you! The American Pro Bmx rider who fell in love with African giraffes during one of his many trips, drops us this 3rd version of his signature kendama!

An ultra-optimized Kendama, with a Maple ken and an oversized beech wood tama (ball), to better adapt to the Boost Shape, and always provide more comfort! This is one of the most stylish mods with Safari engravings reminiscent of giraffe spots, and ultra classy engravings!


Kendama Connects Worlds, and Reed Stark has been a leader in facilitating that connection for years. Reed is a professional BMX rider for BSD, a clothing designer for his own Safari State brand, and rides the line between genius and insanity in the best way.

It is an honor to introduce the 3rd Signature Mod from Reed: The Sea Safari!

:The Sea Safari Mod:

Technical characteristics:

  • Maple Safari Ken (Maple Wood)
    • BOOST Shape
    • 'Safari' engraving on sarado
    • Reed Stark Signature engraving on spike
    • Giraffe pattern engravings on cup stalls
  • BOOST Beech Tama (Beechwood)
    • Sticky Clear or Cushion Clear
    • blue giraffe pattern
    • Bottom 30% tracking bullseye
  • Metal Spinner Bead
  • Extra String (Free string)
  • Safari Mod Stickers

Delivered in its Special Edition packaging with instructions, string + spare pearl, exclusive stickers.

 # safari


The Decade Mod was the first Sweets Kendama to introduce a new shape in recent years. That's why we are proud to present the new BOOST Shape! Similar to the PRIME Shape, with wider, deeper cups. The ken is more balanced with a scale that favors the lunar. Unlike the DECADE kens, the BOOST kens are made with a solid piece of maple. The BOOST tamas are also slightly wider for easier playing!


Engraved on the small cup, the Flash Code optimizes tracking and gives you access to hidden content! Use your phone's camera to start scanning!


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