Kendama Sweets - SUMO Red Necked Tanager (XL SIZE)

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Sweets Kendamas SUMO Red Necked Tanager (XL SIZE)

You were expecting them ! They are there! The SUMOS are back at Sweets Kendamas ! We are super happy to offer you today our new SUMO Red Necked Tanager !

The SUMO is an XL Kendama (Between the standard size Kendama and the Kaiju!), having a BIGGER Kendama makes some tricks easier! This will allow you to work on your bangers and then reproduce them more easily on standard size Kendamas!

In sticky paint and with this worked shape , it offers a Lunar Balance of madness! Get ready to lace up your best combos !

As you have probably understood, the design of this Sumo is inspired by the plumage of the Red Necked Tanager ! A very classy design, which offers crazy tracking to spike more easily!


Technical characteristics / Features:

    • Beech Ken (Beechwood)
      • XL SUMO Shape
      • Custom engravings on ken
        • Sweets Logo
        • Sumo Logo
    • Beech Tama (Beechwood)
      • XL Sumo Tama
      • Red top dot
      • Feather pattern top 30%
      • Teal & Navy center stripes
      • Yellow to Orange fade lower 50%
      • White tracking around bevel
      • Sticky Clear
    • Metal Spinner Bead
    • Extra Thong
    • Sumo sticker pack


The Sweets SUMO is a mythical Kendama! It allows you to work on certain tricks more easily, and offers unique gameplay!

The shape has been worked on, going down the sarado, to have a better Lunar Balance! The trick possibilities are totally NEXT LEVEL!

The SUMO is therefore a good way to work on certain tricks, but also to change a bit from a standard size Kendama that we are used to playing!


Post your tricks on Instagram using #SweetsSumo to be reposted!

Post your tricks on Instagram using #SweetsSumo for a chance to get reposted!