Sweets Kendamas EN - Ken ONLY "ASH"

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ASH Ken (Ashwood)

You've been waiting for them, the Kens alone are finally available! More often than not, our Kens wear out first while Tamas sometimes become more enjoyable to play over time!

You can finally keep your favorite Tama without having to play with a round spike!


  • 1 BOOST shape Ken
  • White SixFinger Thong
  • Spinner Bead

With a fresh ken you can:

  • Replace a thrashed Ken
  • Match your favorite Tama with a different Ken Ken)
  • Have fun customizing your own Ken (Woodburn some sick designs)
  • Try a different wood! (Try a new wood species to see how it plays)
  • Add your artistic touch! (Paint it your favorite color)
  • Swap out parts to make your own Frankendama

The BOOST shape is the best shape Sweets has released so far! With its wider cups, its optimized stalls and an insane balance, thanks to the lunar balance, this shape is made to learn / lace your biggest Bangers!

The BOOST shape has a design that makes learning ticks easier for beginners, and allows PROs to push their limits ever further!

Ken Only don't come in branded packaging.