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New YouTube video: GoPro POV Edit from our Pro Team Member Victor Josserand AKA Kengidama!

(English Below)

New POV edit video with our Pro player Victor Josserand aka KENGIDAMA ! GoPro on the head our good Kengi concocted a full banger video for us! A crazy level , it makes you want to film a real video here!!

Tell us in the comments how many times you had to watch the video to understand all the tricks ahaha

Victor shows you his banger routine , and it hits hard!! Ultra tech and consistent , we can't wait to work on bigger projects/videos with him!

Hot from Juggle, stalls, lunar and TAPS , Victor masters his Kendama to perfection ! Smooth & style as we like!

More soon!



New POV Edit with our Sweets FR pro Victor Josserand aka Kengidama ! GoPro ON, our man just killed it in this new banger POV Video ! Mind blowing tricks , and perfect control of the Kendama, we are really stocked to have him on the team!

Victor shows you his daily banger routine : tech, style & consistency, this man will make your brain melted! Master Juggle, taps, stalls, lunars and more !! We can't wait to work on a real video part with him!

More soon! Show him some love!!


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