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Tutorial of the week: The Juggle to Spike!

The famous ! This trick you asked us and asked again! This is one of the most popular tricks in Kendama! The Juggle to Spike ! This trick opens the door to the world of Kendama bangers !

It's a trick that will require patience , perseverance , but with this tutorial you will have all the necessary advice to be able to succeed in no time! So arm yourself with your Kendamas , listen to coach Alex's advice , and be ready to try hard for a few hours! Let's go!

To learn this trick it is important to know how to do the juggle movement: ( https://youtu.be/aNo9iqCgSho ​​)

Once you master this trick, you can combine it with thousands of other tricks, and make crazy combos !

Here our good Alexis Gras ( https://www.instagram.com/alexis_gras/ ) who gives you the right advice to become Juggle to Spike pros!

Next tutorial very soon!

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