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We meet today with Alex , for the second Intermediate tutorial of our channel, to learn the famous JUGGLE !

You've been waiting for it, we've been asked a lot, it's finally here: the TUTO JUGGLE by Sweets Kendamas France

The Juggle is a trick that everyone wants to master! At first, it seems impossible, but rest assured, with these few tips and a lot of practice, this gesture will become commonplace and will open the door to hundreds or even thousands of combos! So pay attention to the advice, observe the slow motions carefully, and go try hard, apply yourself to the movement by reproducing the movement seen in the video!

Here our friend Alexis Gras gives you some valuable advice, with slow motion shots to help you understand the movement!

Work on it thoroughly and tag us in your Instagram stories @sweetskendamasfr so that we can repost you!

Next tutorial very soon!



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