TUTOS - The Sweets Kendamas France tutorials are finally here!

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After realizing that no Kendama tutorial in French was available on Youtube , and that our only support to help new players was to redirect them to the Sweets Kendamas tutorials (by far the best tutorials in the world of Kendama ) which are unfortunately in English !

From now on, you no longer need to be bilingual to decipher the tutorials, we offer you the Tutorials in French!

Made in our Sweets Studios FR, by our slayers Alexis Gras and PJ Martini.

We start with the basics: - How to hold your Kendama?

- The cups: Big cup, Small cup, Base cup. (Online tomorrow)

For those who needed, you now know the basics. We'll have to go to the next level with more and more complex tricks!

We're preparing this for you, go subscribe to the Youtube channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe0PpGaDP0miI6BQQNFZBAw? ) and tell us in the comments of the video which tricks you want to learn in a next video!

Every week new tutorials, to progress together, and have fun like the pros with your Kendama!


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