UNBOXING - George Marshall Pro Mod + TEST

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Here is the first video of our YouTube channel! We present to you the new model Sweets Kendamas Pro mod from George Marshall! An ultra original American player, we put his video right here:

A quick look at this super stylish Kendama with the colors of her Vans of the moment, and a Funky touch with the waves! The engravings on the Ken represent George's passions for photography and travel, and his "SWKT" crew. And finally "NAKO19" engraved for this special NAKO 2019 edition where they announced George's welcome to the PRO team! A super well balanced mod, BOOST shape, but without a balance hole (the hole on the cup base)!

+ A quick test by @pj_martini_reno with some basics!

Mod available right here: https://www.sweetskendamasfr.com/product-page/kendama-sweets-george-marshall-pro-model-boost


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