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After an incredible Legend Mod Batch 1 , C.Fraser is back in force with the Batch 2 of his Legend mod, and once again he pushes the limits in terms of design and technical characteristics !

Sweets Kendamas France C Fraser Legend mod batch 2 sweet kendama

In terms of design, we find a packaging and a Kendama inspired by coffee !

The super classy tama , with tactile tracking since the bubbles at the level of the bevel are in relief ! A first in the Kendama game ! For the Ken , this time no balance hole , but always a horizontal bar to balance the Ken!

Basically, an ultra-optimized Kendama for all things Taps, insta, ken flips, Juggle etc. But also great for balance tricks or stall tricks!

A collection kendama once again, which will push you to lace your best bangers !

Sweets Kendamas France C Fraser Legend mod batch 2 sweet kendama

Very cool unboxing, with this ultra classy kendama , accompanied by a Kendama test by PJ Martini ( https://www.instagram.com/pj_martini_reno/ )

Mod available right here: https://www.sweetskendamasfr.com/shop

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