UNBOXING: Josh Flow Grove Pro mod + test by PJ & Yita - Sweets Kendamas France

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We were waiting for them, they are here! The famous Pro Mods of Josh Flow Grove ! Josh just went PRO at Sweets ! And he didn't do things by halves! A crazy Pro mod with a crazy design and a really unique playability with its BAMBOO wooden handle! On top of that he released a really venerable Promo video , with banger but also full of vibe!

He's one of the most dialed players of the moment, an OG, who gives us bangers and incomprehensible tricks, while doing the famous SWEETS Tutorials and Kendama lessons through Kendama Institute that he created himself!

In terms of wood , there is a Ken in Bamboo & a Tama in Maple coupled with Bamboo ! Bamboo brings a lightness, a unique playing ! (More technical info on the product sheet)

UNBOXING: Josh Flow Grove Pro mod + test by PJ & Yita - Sweets Kendamas France Kendama sweet bilboquet
A kendama with a mountain/forest design, and really classy engravings, to feel close to nature when you play! Thanks Josh haha!
A very cool unboxing, with this ultra classy kendama, accompanied by a Kendama test by PJ Martini ( https://www.instagram.com/pj_martini_reno/ ) & Mathieu Gandillon ( https://www.instagram.com/yita_dama / )
Thanks for the support and see you soon!
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