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This is one of the most popular mods of the moment! The famous Max Norcross Pro Mods, pure style ! Max has been a PRO at Sweets for a few years now! And for his second Pro Mod he didn't do things by halves! A crazy Pro mod with a crazy design and really optimized gameplay !

A design with flowers , with killer colors , and Japanese writing on the top of the tama ! Lots of other details that have a special meaning , which will make you fall in love with this Kendama!

His Promo video is really phew, go see it if it's not done yet:

He's one of the most stylish players and has been for a while!

We gave you a very cool unboxing, with this ultra classy kendama, accompanied by a Kendama test by PJ Martini ( https://www.instagram.com/pj_martini_reno/ ), Mathieu Gandillon ( https://www.instagram .com/yita_dama/ ) & Alexis Gras ( https://www.instagram.com/alexis_gras/ )

Mod available right here: https://www.sweetskendamasfr.com/shop

------- And more at https://www.sweetskendamasfr.com/! -------



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